Georgia Wartel Collins

Bassplayer based in Norway

Upcoming 2023

4/1 - Kjell Nordeson/Jonny Wartel/Georgia Wartel Collins @The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco (USA)

22/1 - Søndags jazz @ Kruttverket, Oslo (NO)

29/1 - Søndags jazz @ Kruttverket, Oslo (NO)

21/1 - Jazz @ Ringnes Brygghus, Oslo (NO)

11/3 - Jazz @ Ringnes Brygghus, Oslo (NO)

12/3 - Søndags jazz @ Kruttverket, Oslo (NO)

26/1 - Søndags jazz @ Kruttverket, Oslo (NO)

4/3 - Liv Andrea Hauge trio @ Viktoria, Oslo (NO)

5/3 - Jam åpning @ Parksalongen, Oslo (NO)

9/3 - Liv Andrea Hauge trio @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam (NL)

18/3 - Mofjell/Wartel Collins/Rønning @ National museet, Oslo (NO)

22/3 - Liv Andrea Hauge Trio @ Cosmopolit, Oslo (NO)

29/3 - Jazz @ Mamas Pizza, Oslo (NO)

30/3 - JUNO @ Arendal jazzklubb (NO)

31/3 - JUNO @ Parkteatret (release), Oslo (NO)

12/4 - music for whales @ Brötz, Gothenburg (SE)

13/4 - music for whales @ Frim syd, Malmö (SE)

14/4 - music for whales @ Sångbolaget, Stockholm (SE)

26/4 - Petters Jazzjam @ Lokal, Trondheim (NO)

27/4 - JUNO @ Soddjazz @ Inderøya (NO)

28/4 - JUNO @ Lokal klubb, Trondheim (NO)

29/4 - JUNO @ Bølgen Kulturhus, Larvik (NO)

30/4 - Petters Jazzjam @ Parksalongen, Oslo (NO)

3/5 - Moby Dick w Plexus Polaire @ Brivave (FR)

6/5 - Portraits and Prayers w The Rosehips @ Gerlesborg (SE)

14/5 - Jazz på Skatten, Oslo (NO)

19/5 - 21/5 - Romania tour w. Liv andrea Hauge

25/5 - Nordeland/Skalstad/Nyberg/Collins @ Fuglen, Oslo (NO)

28/5 - Aila trio @ Biermanns sessions, Oslo (NO)

31/5 - Moby Dick w Plexus Polaire @ Sarrebruck (DE)

1/6 - JUNO @ Festspillene, Bergen (NO)

7/6 - Risberg/Collins @ Mamma Pizza, Oslo (NO)

15/6 - Komp til A Scapella @ Sentralen, Oslo (NO)

25/6 - Invitation to a space @ Stenegård, Järvsö (SE)

29/6 - Liv/Øistein/Sunniva/Georgia/Kristian @ Quality Hotell, Harstad (NO)

22/7 - Liv Andrea Hauge trio @ Edinburgh Jazzfestival, Scotland (UK)

8/8 - JUNO @ Klubb Øya, Oslo (NO)

19/8 - Aila trio @ Oslo Jazzfestival (NO)

19/8 - Kristina Fransson: Coincidences @ Oslo Jazzfestival (NO)

26/8 - Music for Whales @ Blow Out Festival, Oslo (NO)

1/9 - Liv Andrea Hauge trio @ Tynset Jazzfestival (NO)

14/9 - The Rosehips: Potraitsd and Prayers @ Blitz, Oslo (NO)

 16/9 - The Rosehips: Potraitsd and Prayers @ Rönnells antikvariat, Stockholm (SE)

19/9 - Jam opening @ Becco, Oslo (NO)

20/9 - Erdal/Bomstad/Wartel Collins @ Nice Things Records label night, Misfornøyelsebar, Oslo (NO)

21/9 - Liv Andrea Hage @ Bakgården Kultur, Mosjøen, (NO)

5/10  JUNO @ Hulen, Bergen

6/10 - JUNO @ Skatte, Oslo 

7/10 - JUNO @ TBA

15.okt Jam åpning, Parksalongen, Oslo

18.okt Cosmic Swing Orchestra, USF, Bergen

19.okt Cosmic Swing Orchestra, Sentralbadet, Odda

20.okt Cosmic Swing Orchestra, Teatret i Kristiansand 21.okt Cosmic Swing Orchestra, Storbandfestivalen, Lillestrøm

22.okt Cosmic Swing Orchestra, Cosmopolite, Oslo


Liv Andrea Hauge trio, BrÖtz, gbg (SE)

26.okt Liv Andrea Hauge trio, Scalateatern, sthlm (SE)

29.okt Liv Andrea Hauge trio, SALT, Oslo

4.nov Jazz på Havna, Østesjø Havn, Oslo

10.nov BRAHJA, Cologne (FR)

11.nov BRAHJA, Sonic City Festival, Kortrijk (BE)

12.nov BRAHJA, TBA

16.nov JUNO, TBA

17.nov JUNO, TBA

18.nov JUNO, TBA

22.nov Brekken/Wartel Collins, Mamma Pizza, Oslo

30.nov Aila trio, Inderøy Jazzforum

1.dec Aila trio, Jazz and Beyond, Örebro (SE)

8.dec Wartel/Collins Wartel, Bubblan, gbg (SE)


About Georgia

Georgia Wartel Collins is a Swedish double bass player based in Norway. Jazz and improvisation has always been a strong life force for Georgia with both her parents active in the jazz and performance-art scenes. Her home was always full of live music and the house vibrated with creativity. 

She started playing music at an early age, always intending to improvise. Georgia and her double bass found one another and entered a passionate, complex and long lasting relationship, developing a movement based approach to playing. Her vast explorations of the bass are always in motion. 

Georgia graduated from the Conservatory in Trondheim 2019 and received her Masters degree from Conservatorium van Amsterdam 2022.

Beside her work with her solo project and her own trio 'Aila trio', she collaborates often with other inspirational music, dance and theatre projects. A few of them are:

JUNO, dance and music performance ‘I am not there, I am here’, Moby Dick with French/Norwegian theatre company Plexus Polaire, Liv Andrea Hauge Trio, ‘Kontrabassorkestret’ led by Ellen Andrea Wang, music performance group ‘The Rosehips’ and free impro duo ‘music for whales’. 

Latest releases:

Myriad Path with JUNO (March 24 2023),

Shaped by Sea Waves with Aila trio (April 4th 2023).