Georgia Wartel Collins

Bassplayer based in Norway

About Georgia

Georgia Wartel Collins is a Swedish double-bass player based in Oslo, Norway. Jazz and improvisation has always been what her heart beats for. She grew up in a house full of live music and art with parents active in the jazz and performance-art scene. The house vibrated with creativity and daily life consisted of music and jam sessions.

Since her father is the founder of the jazz club BrÖtz in Gothenburg, she has since day 1 been fed with jazz concerts. With all this around her, she started playing music herself at an early age, always with the intention of improvising and playing with others.

Georgia and the double bass soon found each other and entered a passionate, complex and long lasting relationship. She began to experiment with the different sound possibilities of the double bass and became obsessed by the vibrations that appeared in the bass when she pulled the strings. Her exploration of the bass, sound and music is eternal and in motion.

Georgia graduated from the Conservatory in Trondheim in 2019 and and recieved her masters degree in 2022 from Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Before and alongside her studies she has freelanced with both her own and others groups and projects. Some of them are: Aila trio (which is her own trio), JUNO, Seul adore, and Trondheim Jazzorchestra.

Georgia is now active with the bands/projects; Aila trio, JUNO, Kontrabassorkestret led by Ellen Andrea Wang, Moby Dick with theatre company Plexus Polaire, The Rosehips (music and performance group led by Michele Collins), Rave/Warelis/Wartel Collins trio, Music for Whales and with her own solo project.

Upcoming 2022

5/2 - JUNO @ Bodø Jazzopen, NO

10/2 -  JUNO @ Nordic Jazz comets, Copenhagen, DK

16/2  - Aila trio @ PlayDate, Bergen, NO

2/3 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Besançon, FR

4/3 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Besançon, FR

15/3 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Besançon, FR

27/3 - Rave/Warelis/Wartel Collins @ P.O.M, Eindhoven, NL

21/4 - Rave/Warelis/Wartel Collins @ De Ruimte, ams, NL

13/5 - Kontrabassorkestret @ Anjazz, NO

15/5 - Amusia#8 @ De Roze Tanker, Amst, NL

19/5 & 20/5 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Dunkerque


24/5 - 'All Strings Night' 22nd edition @ De Roze Tanker, amst (NL)

1/6 - Improvising on Uranus @ SexyLand, amst (NL)

5/6 - Improvising on Uranus, Almere (NL)

6/6 - Henk, Maya, Georgia @ De Roze Tanker, amst (NL)

7/6 - Improvising on Uranus @ Grasweg, amst (NL)

10/6 - Warelis/Wartel Collins/Masafrets/Boeijinga/Lopez-Palacios Navarro @ Owlfest, Roze Tanker, amst (NL)

20/6 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Baden, CH

2/7 - JUNO @ Sørdahlhuset, Åndalsnes (NO) 

3/7 - JUNO @ Rabalderfestivalen, Mode (NO)

8/7 - JUNO @ Ranglerock, Bryne, NO

17/7 -Mofjell/Bjorå/Emmeluth/Wartel Collins @ Becco, Oslo (NO)

31/7 - Veslmøy/Nyberg/Georgia Wartel Collins @ Becco, Oslo (NO)

2/8 - Gutvik/Nilssen-Love/Wartel Collins @ Gutvik Ukentlig, Kulturhuset, Oslo (NO)

3/9 - Kontrabassorketsret @ Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo (NO)

10/9 - JUNO @ Enskede Jazzfestival, Stockholm (SWE)

1/10 - JUNO @ SALT, Oslo (NO)

4/10 & 5/10 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Perpignan, FR

8/10 - Aila trio @ Tedans, Bergen (NO)

24/10 - Bredesen/Roberts/Wartel Collins/Gibson @ FRI FORM, Trondheim (NO)

25/10 - Aila trio @ Rising, Malmö (SWE)

15/12 - 17/12 - Moby Dick (plexus polaire), Toronto (CA)