Current projects and bands

Aila trio

Karl Hjarlma Nyberg - s, Georgia Wartel Collins - b, Andreas Winther - dr


Thea Ellingsen Grant - v, Malin Dahl Ødegård - v, Mona Krogstad - s, Georgia Wartel Collins - b, Ingvald Vassbø - dr.

''I am not there I am here'' - a music and dance performace  by  Anna Thu Schmidt, Aleksandar Isailovic and  Georgia Wartel Collins

Anna Thu Schmidt- dance Aleksandar Isailovic- dance and  Georgia Wartel Collins- b

Georgia Wartel Collins - Solo

Seul Adore

Wilhelm Westerman- dr, Alf høines- b, Georgia Wartel Collins- b, Joakim Rainer Petersen- p.

The Rosehips

Michele Collins - performanceanv voice, Anna Gustavsson - performance and dr, Georgia Wartel Collins - b